Duro-Last Roof Systems

I.C. Enterprises Inc. is a Platinum Duro-Last Roofing Contractor. (Top 3% installer in the World)

We only recommend the World’s Best Roof System for your low slope roofing project!




Why do we choose to install Duro-Last roof systems?



  • Prefabricated. Every Duro-Last roof is measured and manufactured to exact size, accommodating every rooftop penetration. Prefabricating the roof in our controlled factory environment eliminates up to 85% of seaming that is done on-site during roof top installation, and improves the long-term performance of the roofing system. This precise attention to detail ensures an excellent fit and delivers worry-free, leak-proof protection. Duro-Last can even assist your architect, facilities or maintenance personnel in developing specifications for your roofing project. 
  • Durable. The Duro-Last roofing system is resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds, and punctures, and easily accommodates wide temperature extremes. Duro-Last's custom flashing resists ponding water and helps solve roof problems before they can occur. Plus, with Duro-Last's available Roof-Trak® protective walkway system, heavy equipment, and maintenance traffic are easily managed.
  • Installed with no disruptions. Building occupants will hardly know a new roof is being applied, because installation is quiet, fast, and safe. There are no loud machines, no hazardous materials, no noxious fumes, no hot tar, and no mess. In many cases, a new Duro-Last roofing system can be installed over an existing roof without an expensive tear-off, virtually eliminating dust or falling debris that might interfere with building activities or damage sensitive equipment.
    • Backed by the industry's best warranties. Duro-Last protects commercial and industrial buildings with a comprehensive 15-year full warranty or a 20-year pro-rated warranty. Both provide maximum protection, including coverage against damage caused by ponding water, and coverage against consequential damages that may result from defects in the Duro-Last material. 
  • Energy-efficient. Duro-Last is a leader in cool roofing solutions, and has introduced the Duro-Last Cool Zone® brand to address the growing nationwide interest in energy efficient roofing systems. Duro-Last is proud to be a "charter partner" in the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ENERGY STAR (www.energystar.gov) has approved a wide variety of cool roofing products, all with different levels of reflectivity, different performance characteristics, and different warranties. 

    Of the white, single-ply products rated by the ENERGY STAR program, only the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system has retained reflectivity of greater than 85% after three years of weathering (based on ENERGY STAR roof products testing criteria). This high, sustained reflectivity is saving significant energy and money for building owners all over the country. The Duro-Last roofing system is also mechanically-attached, and insulation can be placed under the membrane during the installation of the roof, reducing heat loss in the winter.


Because the Duro-Last roofing system contains the highest quality materials and undergoes stringent quality control checks during its manufacturing process, we have total confidence that it will provide years of leak-proof protection. We back our confidence by providing the most comprehensive warranty available: a 15-year full labor and material warranty. Duro-Last also has 20-year warranties available. 


  1. LABOR AND MATERIALS INCLUDED On a Duro-Last roof (for warranty related repairs or replacement), you pay nothing for materials or labor.
  2. PONDING WATER Duro-Last's standard 15-year labor and material warranty contains no exclusions for ponding water. 
  3. CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES COVERAGE Our standard warranty includes coverage for consequential damages that may result from defects in the Duro-Last material and/or installation. 
  4. TRANSFERABLE The standard Duro-Last warranty is transferable at no charge to a new building owner.
  5. ISSUED BY THE MANUFACTURER Duro-Last warranties come straight from the manufacturer that has produced over a billion square feet of roofing membrane since 1978. These warranties are in addition to any warranty your roofing contractor may provide. 
  6. NO CHARGE There is no additional charge for your Duro-Last standard warranty. That means you get the industry's best rooftop protection for FREE. 
  7. NO MAINTENANCE PROGRAM REQUIRED Although regular common sense maintenance can extend the life of your roof, Duro-Last does not require you to invest in a roof maintenance program (often stipulated by other manufacturers) for your warranty to be in effect for the entire 15-year period.


Why choose Duro-Last?
Why does I.C. Enterprises recommend Duro-Last over other roofing systems?

I.C. Enterprises Inc. has been installing and repairing commercial roofs for over 30 years and has installed everything from PVC (Duro-Last), TPO, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, Built-Up, Spray Coating and Waterproofing, Architectural Metal Roofs to every type of Shingle Roof. Through our experience we have found that our commercial customers are the most satisfied when the Duro-Last Roof System is installed by our nationally-ranked roofing technicians. We have earned the status of Platinum Contractor for Duro-Last Roofing systems, which means we are the cream of the crop and rated as a top 3% installer. We are also a recipient of the Duro-Last A+ Service Award, consistently demonstrating quality and timeliness in commercial roofing workmanship, documentation, and customer service.  You earn these distinctions with years of great service, sales volume, quality inspection scores by the manufacture, customer satisfaction, and a comprehensive consultation process.  We pride ourselves on being able to wave at our customers years after a new roof system is installed.


Estimated Cost of a Duro-Last Roof System

What factors are considered in your roof proposal after we do your roof inspection? 


  • Roof Complexity - condition, age, and type of current roof system
  • Roof Removal or Roof Overlay – (How many existing roof systems)
  • Water Flow Analysis
  • Size and Dimensions of roof project 
  • Code Requirements and Permit Process
  • Energy Savings Desired – Insulation type & R-Value, vapor barrier, UV Reflectivety, HVAC unit efficiency 
  • Logistics of site –  Height, Access Points, Dumpster Location, City, County, State 
  • Estimated Labor Cost (Prevailing Wage required for most municipal projects, slope & height of roof, total scope of project, clean up/removal requirements) 
  • Safety Requirements needed for the job
  • Accessories needed – gutters, down spouts, metal detail
Warehouse Roofs, Industrial Roofs, Factory Flat Roofs, Hospital Roofs, Storage Facility Roofs, Apartment/Condo Buildings, Malls, Office Building Roofs, Funeral Homes, Churches, Lodges,Hotel Roofs, Metal Retrofits 

Roofs are larger in square footage and usually consist of metal retrofits, existing roof layovers, or new build specifications. Limited number of curbs, stacks and complexity.


Approximate Cost Estimate range from $3.50 to $9.50 per square foot  


Restaurant Roofs, Factory Roofs with high Roof Traffic, Fertilization/Seed Plants, Lodges, Hotel Roofs, Bar/Tavern Roofs

Roofs have a high number of curbs, stack flashing's, high roof traffic, grease, chemicals, high winds, high temperatures extremes, strict fire resistance codes. 

Specifically, we have been applying the Duro-Last Roof Systems on several Fertilization Facilities warehousing expensive seed and chemicals. Previous roof applications such as shingles and TPO on these roofs have been experiencing very short life cycles due to accelerated decomposing. The Duro-Last membrane is resistant to the decomposition and still is backed by the industry's best warranty. 

Duro-Last is being specified more and more on these types of projects because they are the only manufacturer that will warranty the above roof compliances. 

The Duro-Last Roofing Membrane in extremely durable and compatible with dozens of chemicals, construction products, and other materials. Some of the most common are below:

Acid Rain

Acrylic/ Latex Paint

Bird Droppings


Brick & Masonary Cleaner   

Cooking Grease
 Detergent Solution

Diatomaceous Earth

Ethyl/Methyl Alcohol    

Furnace Residue

Linseed Oil

Nitrogen Sulfate


Sea Water

Soldering Acid/Flux

Tannic Acid

Triethylene Glycol

Note: This in only a partial list of safe materials. Call for a complete list.

A number of the above mentioned materials would void your warranty with most other manufactures, because their membrane would not be able to withstand these harsh materials. 


Approximate Cost Estimates from $4.75 to $16.00 per square foot.

Schools and Municipal Roof Projects

Roofs are normally bid at a higher scale due to Architectural Specifications, Code Compliance, and Prevailing Wage requirements. 



Approximate Cost Estimates from $8.00 to $18.00 per square foot   



Additional Information and Common Questions

Additional Information and Common Question about Duro-Last Products

Duro-Last membranes usually come in 40-mil, 50-mil, and 60-mil

Many single-ply roofing manufactures promote the idea that when it comes to performance, “thicker” means “better.” However, the truth is roofing performance is based on several factors, including product composition, reinforcement, and thickness. 

Let's compare:


40-mil Duro-Last Membrane  Typical 50-mil competitive Membrane 
 Above scrim thickness: 17 mils (exceeds ASTM minimum of 16 mils for type ll, lll, and lV PVC   

Above scrim thickness: 16 mils (ASTM minimum for type lll PVC member


Scrim: 14 x 18 threads/inch; weft inserted


Scrim 10 x 10 threads/inch; woven


Membrane breaking strength: 368 x 430 lbf. 


Membrane breaking strength: 310 x 290 lbf.


Same PVC formulation above and below scrim


Filler Material added below scrim to increase membrane thickness


Duro-Last membrane is white from top to bottom, delivering superior energy efficiency


Non-White bottom layer decreases  energy efficiency


The thickness issue:

As pointed out above some manufactures (a lot of TPO) add more material to the bottom fill layer and little to the exposed layer. Increasing thickness does not directly increase membrane performance. Performance is a balance between formulation, membrane thickness, and reinforcement.

If you buy or specify single-ply roofing systems, your decision should be based on membrane performance, not thickness alone. With over 30 years of delivering leak-proof protection for buildings of all types across North America, precision-fabricated Duro-Last roofing systems are the right choice for your roofing projects. 


A number of the other manufactures (in particular TPO membranes) are still struggling to find correct formulations. Some are now on their 4th and 5th generations of formulation since the early 1990’s. This indicates their formulations are experiencing failure when the membranes get deeper into the roof life cycle. It has been reported that some TPO membranes are losing an average of 1 to 2 mils per year. You do the math.

Cool Zone - Cool Roof Systems
Sustainability – Energy Savings – LEED Credits – 179D Tax Incentives - Utility Rebates – Go Green

Cool Roof Systems

Duro-Last is a leader in manufacturing cool roof systems. A cool roof is both highly reflective and highly emissive, transferring less heat into the building compared to a dark colored "non-cool roof."

Cool roofs provide benefits in all climates throughout the United States:



  • Cool roofs, with highly reflectivity and emittance, can be 70 degrees cooler or more during hot summer days when compared with traditional roofing materials.
  • Cool roof systems save money and energy during peak cooling demand periods - typically mid-days, when electricity demand and costs are highest.
  • A cool roof surface can reduce the cost of operating rooftop HVAC units because the units will use cooler air than if mounted on a dark roof surface.
  • Cool roof systems help reduce the urban heat-island effect by reflecting solar heat rather than absorbing and transferring it to buildings.
  • By keeping moisture out while reflecting ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, a cool roof can help to protect underlying insulation and the roofing substrate from deterioration.

The Duro-Last Cool Zone® cool roof system offers all these benefits, and more. In fact, the Cool Zone system delivers the Five E's of sustainable roofing: Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics, and Engineering.

Call an I.C. Enterprises expert to learn more about the 5 E’s and how the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system delivers on the multiple demands of high-performance roofing. 






Is your Roof Hotter than Your Parking Lot? – Compare Duro-Last with other types of Roof Systems
With over 30 years of experience in the business we have seen just about every type of roof system and we know that some roofs are really, really hot.  Can you imagine what the utility meter and your wallet are doing?

A Best Western Hilltop Inn in Redding, California was used in a recent commercial roof study as it had several different roof systems to evaluate. The outside Air Temperature was 95°. Here are the results used by modern infrared instruments used to measure temperatures:

A = Duro-Last Roof System -  97°F   Duro-Last membrane has the highest retained reflectivity of any single-ply membrane rated by the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program, saving energy and money for building owners and managers all over the United States.

B = Hotel Swimming Pool - 87°F        Duro-Last is 10°F warmer than the pool.

C = Gravel Ballast Built-Up - 139°F     Duro-Last is 42°F Cooler

D = Asphalt Parking Lot - 134°F         Duro-Last is 37°F Cooler

E = Granular Cap Built-Up - 129°F      Duro-Last is 32°F Cooler

F= Aluminum Coated Built-Up - 125°   Duro-Last is 28°F Cooler

For the metal roof inquiring minds we shot a picture this summer on a green metal roof. Ambient temperature when shooting the metal roof was in the mid 90’s for that day.   


Standard Reflectivity Values⃰




Duro-Last 87%       Hypalon 76%    EP/TPO 77%   Other CPA’s up to 83%


EPDM    Gray 23%       White 69%    Black 6%


Modified Bitumen


White 28%      Brown 15%    Green 9%    Gold 17%    Red 15%     Black  4%




Dark Gravel 12%     White Coated Gravel 65%   Light Gravel 34%  Smooth BUR 6%


Spray Coatings


White 80%    Green 14%   Gray 4%    Aluminum 61%


⃰ Data compiled from Oakridge and Lawrence Berkley National Lab research and testing

System Benefits

 Free Standard Warranty - 15- Year No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty - 20 year warranties also available

With the Duro-Last Prefabricated system you are eliminating all the failures of a field-welded system.  Reinforced flashings – reduces roof top waterproofing by 85%

Common Causes of Roofing System failures
Poor Workmanship   47.6%            Poor Design 16.7%         Poor Product   10.4%
Age & Weathering 8.9%           Trapped Moisture 7.8%          Traffic 2.6%       All other causes 6%



Duro-Last Accessories


 2-Piece Snap-On Compression Metal Collector Box and Downspout Assembly
 ATR Hub (access through roof) DX-style Gutter System
 Vinyl-Coated Drip Edge Flex Fascia Cover

 Custom Curbs and Stacks made at the Duro-Last manufacturing facility. 

Duro-Last Membrane Colors

If aesthetics is an important part of your project and you still need the integrity of a watertight roof system, Duro-Last has several different solutions. They have engineered a rock-ply for the individual looking for the ballast look to shingle-ply to give the appearance of a shingle roof.  

Duro-Last has also formulated the membrane into several different colors to include six new colors introduced in 2013. You do lose some reflectivity and some of the benefits of the energy savings, but you still get the benefits of the Duro-Last Roof system to include the industry's best warranties. 

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